University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System: Water Quality and the Home Landscape

10 Steps to a Water-Wise Lawn and Garden

If you can check off 6 of the 10 steps below then you have a Water-Wise Lawn and Garden!

1. Reduce your lawn area by 1/3rd

2. Mow your lawn at a 3” height

3. Reseed or over-seed your lawn to a primarily fescue grass mix

4. Don’t irrigate your lawn, let it go dormant in dry     weather

5. If you do irrigate, do so only when the lawn is wilting

6. Add mulch around your garden plants and shrubs

7. Shred leaves for use as mulch

8. Plant native or non-invasive species which are well adapted to our area

9. Move plants that require lots of water to better locations

10. Divert runoff from the roof and other impervious areas onto the lawn and other planted areas

Replacing a lawn area with ground cover and mulch on sunny, sloped areas reduces need for irrigation